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We suggest that you order online or send order list on whatsapp but we are always a call away to order on phone or share feedback on the order.

Our call centre timings are 8AM to 8 PM everyday, we are eager to serve you and deliver fresh fruits and vegetables at your doorstep.

Whatsapp @9999026353

whatsapp We have brought ordering of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, right at your fingertips.

Please add 9999026353 in your contacts and find the smoothest way to order Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

  1. Ask for Items list & Rates: Send message "Send your list of available items with rates", you will receive the Paalak.in updated rate list on your whatsapp
  2. Re-order your regular list of fruits & vegetables: Simply copy and paste your last order and re-send after changing quantities, if there are changes.
  3. Send message in following format:

Hari Sadu,
07007, 10th floor, ATS One Hamlet, Sec-104, Noida

Preferred Delivery time: 2 PM on 15th Nov

1. Potato - 2 Kgs (Medium size pieces, sugarfree)

2. Apple Royal - 2 Kgs

3. Onion - 1 Kgs (no small pcs pls)

4. Broccoli - 1/2 Kgs 

5. Cauliflower - 1 Kgs (medium sized pcs)

6. Bottle Gourd (Ghiya) - 1 Kgs

7. English Cucumber - 1/2 Kgs

Instructions: Please call prior to coming for delivery

Now, whatsapp your way to get fresh vegetables and fruits at your doorstep!